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Attorneys and Insurance Companies - CRA makes themselves available to both plaintiff and defense attorneys.  Our case assignments represent  both plaintiff and defense actions - dispelling the notion that we are only a “hired gun” for the ambulance chasers or insurance companies.  We prefer to work with clients that are represented by counsel.  


Law Enforcement Agencies - CRA is available to law enforcement agencies where an independent review, investigation and reconstruction is warranted.  


Fleet Managers - Keeping a fleet of vehicles safe, whether passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles can be a formidable task. When one of the fleet vehicles is involved in a collision, immediate action must be taken to ensure the response is made to not only preserve the important collision evidence that is too frequently overlooked by police investigators, but also to assist in the early technical analysis of the collision so that proper direction can be forged to defend the litigation that will likely occur.



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Reno, NV 89511

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